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Why We Love Stenstr
As a high-end retailer, every now and then you run across a product that fills a void that you might not have even known you had. First of all, since we specialize in making custom shirts, being...
The Best Ways to Ruin Good Clothes
Dry Clean Your Suits, Sport Coats and Trousers Too Often–The dry cleaning process takes the Lanolin out of fine wool which is the property that gives wool its moisture and resiliency. The...
White Tie and Tails Tales
It might seem like closing the barn door after the cows have gotten out here in Nashville, but what better time to review the male sartorial protocol for white tie, or, full dress, events than...
J. Michaels Guide to Dressing for the Races
“A Gentleman Prefers…” In the title of her 1925 novel, later made into both a Broadway musical and a film, Anita Loos made the still famous assertion that gentlemen prefer blondes, a...
Congruity Is Key – Part 2 – Answers To Common Style Questions
Congruity in style can be delineated into function or purpose and elemental details. Regarding function or purpose you shouldn’t mix items that are intended for rugged outdoor purposes with items...


A Brief Introduction...
About J. Michaels

Is clothing important? Sure. Does it truly make the man? Of course not.

However, a wardrobe is a visual extension of one’s self image, and, for some, self expression is among the great joys of life.

At J. Michaels, though, we consider the most crucial factor in how one packages themselves to be the psychological impact their clothing has on others, particularly those whom we want to influence. Psychologists tell us that people form their first impression of us within the first 60 seconds they meet us, and that 60 seconds is broken down into 20 second increments.

The first 20 seconds, people draw impressions and form opinions about how educated, sophisticated, honest, diligent, competent, confident, aware, informed and evolved we are based solely on our appearance—how we’re dressed, how we’re groomed, and what kind of shape we’re in. The scientific reason for it is because the optic nerve is 33 times stronger than the auditory nerve. The actual reality of it is that people believe what they see, even if it conflicts with what they are hearing, and they don’t even realize it.

So, at J. Michaels we have always advised our clients from the perspective of dressing for effect, not to be confused with dressing to impress or to attract attention. In fact, at our inception in 1989, we began building our business by having one on one conversations with our customers in their offices about their business, civic, and social lifestyles and the image they wanted to project in each, specializing in made to measure clothing and superior personal service. Our vision was to become a hybrid of a custom tailor and an upscale specialty store, so, as our business grew, we began adding fine ready made brands, and eventually evolved into that vision when we opened our current store in 2001. We still emphasize helping our clients save time by setting appointments to see them in their offices or homes if they so desire us to. But, a great number of our clients choose to come to the store, even for their made-to-measure clothing because of the tasteful selection of ready made merchandise we carry from such great brands like Bills Khakis, Peter Millar, Hiltl, Scott Barber, Barbour Outerwear, Robert Talbott, Martin Dingman, Incotex, Oxxford, Polo Blue Label, and many others.

With our newest venture, J. Michaels Online, we still focus on personal service and customer interaction. When you call here during business hours, you’ll talk to the friendliest, most accommodating, knowledgeable people you can find anywhere. Let’s face it, a lot of the brands you’ll find on our site are available many places, but, at J. Michaels, we strive to make your experience shopping for them a true delight. And your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

So, thanks you for choosing to browse with us, and we hope that when you choose to do business with us, you’ll find it to be an exceptional experience. If it isn’t, let us know, and we will make it right.


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