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The story began as a quest to create the perfect boxer short. We viewed it as locating the perfect home for the family jewels. It needed to be a custom home, handmade, including a spacious ballroom with full seating and a sturdy front entrance so that no one slips out unexpectedly. This home should be built with the finest 400 thread count Pima cotton with virtually no shrinkage (on our part). So behold, we present to you the “royal highnies” the only place that deserves to house the family jewels."
- Allison & Booper, Co-Founders of Royal Highnies & Dear Friends of J. Michaels

Royal Highnies Boxers, Robes, & Lounge Pants are fashioned from 400 thread count pima cotton and have become one of our hottest gift items!

Royal Highnies
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Royal Highnies 'Hankie' 3 Pack
Royal Highnies 'Hankie' 3 Pack
Fit for the king of any household
Price: $78.00

Royal Highnies Boxers (2 Pack)
Royal Highnies Boxers (2 Pack)
400 count Pima cotton
We dare you to find a better boxer
Price: $82.00

Royal Highnies Lounge Pants
Royal Highnies Lounge Pants
The same cut as our boxers, just to the floor
Price: $82.00

Royal Highnies Lounge Top
Royal Highnies Lounge Top
Top your bottom with this classic simple design lounge top
Price: $102.00

Royal Highnies Royal Robe
Royal Highnies Royal Robe
Wrap yourself in 400 Pima cotton
Price: $182.00

Royal Highnies Tee Shirt
Royal Highnies Tee Shirt
Fun, fabulous slim fit logo design t-shirt
Price: $38.00

Royal Highnies Tiny Boxer Shorts
Royal Highnies Tiny Boxer Shorts
Made for a king, fit for a prince!
Children's Boxers
Price: $28.00

Royal Highnies Tiny Tee Shirt
Royal Highnies Tiny Tee Shirt
Cute, fun Tiny Highnies logo tee
Children's Tee
Price: $28.00