Royal Highnies Tiny Tee Shirt

Royal Highnies Tiny Tee Shirt

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Children's Size

Weight 2.00 lbs
SKU ROY_AU_TinyTeeShirt
Manufacturer Royal Highnies
“The story began as a quest to create the perfect boxer short. We viewed it as locating the perfect home for the family jewels. It needed to be a custom home, handmade, including a spacious ballroom with full seating and a sturdy front entrance so that no one slips out unexpectedly. This home should be built with the finest 400 thread count Pima cotton with virtually no shrinkage (on our part). So behold, we present to you the “royal highnies” the only place that deserves to house the family jewels.”

Cute, fun Tiny Highnies logo tee.

Sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

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