4 Tips To Finding Your Favorite Hiltl Pant & RIP John Inch Fit

It is with a heavy heart that we must say goodbye to some of the most popular Hiltl items in the history of all mankind… or, well, the history of our customers’ kind… which, by majority are men, sooo… well you get the idea.

Roughly eight or so years ago, we handpicked Hiltl to open up the world of denim and five pockets to our customers who, in mass, looked to us mostly to service their made-to-measure clothing needs but did not consider us to be on the short list for evolved sportswear here in Nashville.

As our store continued to grow, so did the smattering of brands in the shop and Hiltl has since been a mainstay in our collective mind’s eye for the perfect wearable jean, five pocket, and casual pant.  Hiltl’s signature fit, the John Inch, seemed to be the answer to many guys who were perplexed as to how they were supposed to wear a jean past the age of 30 without looking like they had pulled a pair out of their sons’ closets – the John Inch was a straight leg, medium rise, to-the-point fit that both we and our customers welcomed with open arms amidst the sloppy fitting ‘dad’ jeans and super low rise skinny jeans out on the market.

The beginning of many a love affair with Hiltl denim, the John Inch Ring Slub Stretch Denim

The John Inch fit has continued to be a best seller for us both in store and on our website for the past several years and we have serviced customers far and wide with this miraculous jean that seemingly is difficult to find anywhere else Stateside.  Almost daily, I get a call from someone somewhere looking to replace or add to their Hiltl collection and, by far, the fit they are searching for has been the John Inch.  And by far, we have been able to fulfill their requests and make denim dreams come true.

However, as the trend towards cleaner fitting, slightly lower rise pants has continued, 2011 brought big changes to Hiltl’s collection as their offerings in the standard John Inch fit dropped considerably and were replaced with a slightly trimmer model, the ‘Dude’ fit.  Don’t get us wrong, we also had begun to throw on a pair of John Inch jeans, grabbed at the excess fabric along the seat and thighs and thought aloud, ‘Hey, maybe those Italians are on to something with this whole less is more philosophy’ but being the clothing magnates we are, we could only assume it was our highly evolved haberdasher-sense (is that anything like Spider-sense?) kicking in and SURELY we’d still have the John Inch fit out there as an option, much like the pleated pant model which had also begun waning in popularity.

When we received the catalogue in January for Hiltl, we were blown away that out of the dozen or so denim and five pocket options being offered for their Spring 2012 stock collection only one of those styles was a John Inch model, Hiltl’s Premium Stretch Denim.  Not only had the John Inch fit all but disappeared but Hiltl had also pulled the majority of their pleated pant options as well.

As we had seemingly become America’s unofficial Hiltl dealer over the years, we were lucky enough to provide our customers with the opportunity to purchase the remaining inventory still available in the various Hiltl John Inch and other discontinued fits at special pricing.  However, as Spring comes to a close, a good portion of these discontinued items are now beginning to sell out for good if they have not already been wiped out.

For those of you Hiltl devotees out there, here are a few tips to finding your favorite fit, or as we like to call it, Hiltl 101:


  1.  Locate the Article number on the Hiltl item you are looking to replace.  This number is usually denoted on one of the small white tags along the inside of the waistband and is usually 5-7 digits, such as 73790/40 or 25069/10.  This is the only number that will distinguish the exact pant and color you have and will ultimately save you time and energy.
  2. Contact us at the store via phone (888.647.3011) or by email (info@jmichaels.com) and ask for Miranda.  She knows the Hiltl collection and archives arguably more than even Hiltl reps themselves.  If the pant is available, she will find it.  If it isn’t, she’ll find the most similar alternative.
  3. Don’t rely on product names or colors seen throughout the web as Hiltl does not have a standard name for any of their products, names are created by each website or store and may vary.  They are all denoted by the Article number (see tip #1).
  4. Don’t assume that if it is not listed on our website that the item is no longer available.  Our site features Hiltl’s stock program, it does not always showcase all of the limited edition items currently available nor do we list the Euro models or sizing online.  However, we have access to anything Hiltl manufactures and we will be more than happy to create an order for you.

Here are a list of Hiltl favorites that have been discontinued and are low in quantity but still available.  Contact us for up the minute availability as well as answers on any of your Hiltl questions.

1.  Stress Free Easy Care Premium Giza Denim – In the ‘John Inch’ jean model – Article 75648

2.  Ring Slub Stretch Denim – In the ‘John Inch’ jean model – Article 73790

3.  Super 140′s Nano Bionic Natural Stretch Trouser - In the pleated ‘Canton’ model – Article 25069

4.  Stretch Cotton Flat Front Trouser – In the plain front ‘Napa’ model – Article 74832

5.  Dude Color Denim Five Pocket – In the ‘Dude’ jean model – Article 74778

6.  Dude Five Pocket Fade Out Cord – In the ‘Dude’ jean model – Article 74780

And, for those who can’t let go of the favorite John Inch fit, the John Inch Premium Stretch Denim is keeping the dream alive for many with three different washes and the same weight as their original Ring Slub Stretch Denim.

Otherwise, RIP John Inch.  It was fun while it lasted.

Until next time,

Miranda & the J. Michaels crew

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5 Responses to 4 Tips To Finding Your Favorite Hiltl Pant & RIP John Inch Fit

  1. David Weseman says:

    I have a pair of Hiltl flat front pants that are 96% cotton 4% elsathane. I am guessing the model number is either ZE700 or grobe. They are the only number’s I can find on any of the tags. The pants are probably 3 years old. I need to find a repalcement. Do they make this or something similar in their 2013 collection.

    Thanks much,


    • jmichaelsclothiers says:

      Thanks for reading and your comment! The numbers you provided do not seem to be the distinguishing style number needed. On one of the smaller white tags along the inside of the waistband should be several numbers listed, of which only one will help us determine the specific style Hiltl pant you have: the Article number. This number is usually listed as ‘Art:’ or ‘Artikel:’ and will be a 5-7 digit number (i.e. 73790/45 or 25069/40, etc). If you can find this number, we can better assist you in finding a Hiltl pant in the current collection that is most similar to the one you are looking to replace. Thanks so much! – Miranda, J. Michaels Clothiers

  2. David Weseman says:

    Found another tag – 36430.

  3. Gary says:

    I have ZE 700 but the other number is:
    AUF: 655624/76
    ART: 75648/45
    Mod:67280 26

    • jmichaelsclothiers says:


      Thanks for the inquiry! The Article number you have refers to the Hiltl Stress-Free Easy Care Premium Giza Denim which was a very lightweight denim fabric in the lighter stone wash color. This jean was offered in the U.S. and Euro collections so there were roughly three fits available. Somewhere on that same tag you should see a word denoting the model name, i.e. ‘John’ or ‘John I.’ or ‘Kid’. This will determine which fit you have in this particular jean.

      The 75648 style was discontinued a little over a year ago and is all but unavailable other than a handful of sizes I have in my inventory. I would be glad to check that availability for you if you can tell me what waist size and inseam length you need as well as the Model name. Also, if we can’t accommodate you with that specific fabric from Hiltl, I would be happy to provide you options currently available in whatever model it is you have.

      Thanks again for reading and we look forward to helping you find your new favorite Hiltls!



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